This February 20th it’s official ‘Love Your Pet Day’. This new date in our calendars might seem a little unnecessary as we love our pets every day, right?! Even so, I am happy to have an official excuse to lavish even more love and affection than ever on my little furry friend!

If you follow us over on our social media channels, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you may have seen a fluffy little Pomeranian pop up from time to time.

Meet Milan, our super cute Foxes Events model and my special event planning advisor!

Love Your Pet Day – Q&A with Milan The Pom!

You’ll find Milan in the office, chilling in his super cool tipi, researching the latest party trends and generally just being a cool dude; who I must add gives the BEST cuddles ever!

I would love for you all to get to know Milan that little bit more so here is our exclusive interview with the main man himself:

What is a typical day like in the Foxes Events Office?

After my morning snooze in my tipi, I am on watchdog duties and like to let the girls know when my friend Postman Pete or Delivery Man Dan arrives to drop off the daily packages and parcels. After a spot of lunch it’s back to my tipi for a well-deserved snooze after a very busy morning. Waking mid-afternoon, I usually find my mum and the girls doing something really fun, usually involving hundreds of balloons or I find them deep in the craft cupboard busy creating their next party theme! Regardless of how busy their schedule is, I make sure I get my dose of belly rubs and hugs before home time!

Is there a story behind your name?

Sì! I’m Italian! All the way from Milano, the fashion capital of the world. Maybe that’s why I love to dress up in all the fancy costumes so much!

Favourite Friday Night Treat?

That would have to be my bone shaped biscuits and Margherita Pizza (I am Italian after all)!

Love Your Pet Day – Q&A with Milan The Pom! 2

Love Your Pet Day – Q&A with Milan The Pom! 3

What is your favourite toy?

My Fox teddy named Freddy. Check out me and Freddy at my 2nd birthday party last year! We even had matching tails, I love dressing up like Freddy!

Love Your Pet Day – Q&A with Milan The Pom! 4

Best part of your job?

Getting to hang out with my mum everyday! Plus seeing all the friendly girls at Foxes Events – I’m never short of a cuddle and treat or two! I get to help out with all of the party shoots which is just so much fun…especially when I get to dress up for the occasion!

Love Your Pet Day – Q&A with Milan The Pom! 5

I hope that you enjoyed reading through Milan’s Q&A’s – big kisses to your little friends this 20th Feb!


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